14 July 2011

photo friday. nine. every hour on the hour.

 6am. Washing sheets. It's our first week sans nighttime pull-ups.

 7am. Editing blog photos before the munchkins wake up.

 8am. Breakfast.

 9am. Trucks.

 10am. Wildflowers.

 11am. Fort.

 12pm. Library.

 1pm. Waterfront Park with friends.

 2pm. Waterfront Park with friends. Chatting with Lia.

 3pm. Groceries. The kids were so worn out from the park that they actually behaved.

 4pm. Recharge.

 5pm. Email/Facebook/Google Reader catch-up while kids watch Electric Company from the fort.

 6pm. Dinner prep.

 7pm. Finishing dinner. Homemade double decker tacos. Yum.

 8pm. Serious talks with Hubs.

 9pm. Female child finally asleep.

 10pm. Jump start on tomorrow's Reader posts.

11pm. Bedtime for Mama.
(Pitch black outside. One second shutter.)
I didn't even realize my neighbor's boat was parked there until the photo showed up on my lcd. 
I was blown away.

This week has been a chaotic roller coaster of emotions. 
Worst week I've had in a long time.
But even when I can't control the chaos around me,
I can control the settings on my camera.
The photographs I make.
And that tiny little piece of control gives me a tiny little piece of calm.
My camera was my rock this week.


Sara said...

Love this idea! Great shots, some real interesting ones in there. To look for something to critique since you asked, I would say the park and shopping center would have been more interesting if you found a detail to focus on. I love all the light in your indoor shots.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the idea of photographing your day. One blogger I read does that once a month and I think it's a fun idea.

I hope that you have a good weekend Marisa. Sorry to hear you had a rough week. Hang in there! I have had a few rough days with Noah here and between that and the heat lately I'm done by about 4;00. ;)

I like you last shot with the boat! It's fun finding things later in your pictures.

Ashley said...

I hope you have a better week next week. I hate those weeks! Have a good weekend!

carolyn said...

I was surprised to read your comments about a chaotic week since my thoughts while looking through your photos were of peace and calm. You did a great job of not letting that through (OK, except maybe a little on that 6am sheet washing pic :) ).

I love your photos -- that one with the boat was amazing. I need to figure out how to make my camera do the same things.

Here's to better weeks to come.

Catherine said...

This is a great set of photos! There are several that I would say are favorites! Inspiring! Hope you're having better days!

Pam said...

Marisa you really do have a talent.
Your picturs make the mundane seem exciting.

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