15 July 2011

photo friday. nine point two. success.

I just needed a longer shutter to capture the glint of sun on my white dishes in the morning. 
It did take the tripod, but it was so worth it.

Click it Up a Notch

Critiques welcome, as always.
ISO 100
0.6 secs
Keep in mind that I was just trying to capture the sun flare, 
and not really worried about composition or clearing my distracting background. :)
There is much more material to critique in my previous post.


Anonymous said...

That is a real cool sun flare!

Melissa said...

So cool!! I love that little twinkle of sunflare! Thanks for posting your settings, too.

Nikki Crockett said...

how great is that sun pizazz on your mug!!

Courtney said...

Wow!! This is great! I would never have thought to add starburst to a reflection off a cup!! Good call on slowing down your shutter speed so you could increase your aperture to capture the starburst. Looks like you had fun this week playing with your camera and rocking your creativity!!!

JoeBee said...

Ive seen that its actually the closing down of the aperture that creates the starburst like shape. Thats really cool sis! Many people strive to fake those, and you got it.

Marisa said...

Yes, the closing down is also necessary, but the "arms" of the starburst are longer when you have a slower shutter.

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