01 July 2011

photo friday. seven. light painting.

Last weekend, we came home from a late night in Portland. The kids both slept in the car on our way out (an hour drive), so they were still awake when we arrived home at 11pm. They received several glow bracelets from their aunt while we were visiting, and I told them since they were still awake, I wanted to try to make some cool photographs with their glow bracelets.

They agreed, and were very patient while I figured out my settings. I knew they would need to be similar to the settings I used for the car light trails, but they still needed some tailoring. Ten seconds was plenty of time to capture lots of bracelet action. My first attempt (above) wasn't quite positioned right, but I like it anyway. I had the kids do one together:

Then Sweetpea by herself:

And crazy Little Mister by himself:

Hubs asked if he could try, and knew exactly what he wanted to do. He told me he didn't need ten seconds, that one or two would be better for what he had in mind. (I like that he's learning photography along with me.)
He's a pretty sweet guy. :)