18 August 2011

the food

 Oh, the food.
One of our goals for our San Juan Island trip was to make minimal restaurant visits
and enjoy as much locally grown/made food as possible.

Fruits and veggies from local farms.
(Our favorite sources were Heritage Farms, the Food Co-Op, and the Saturday Market.)
Seafood that was swimming in the ocean the same day.
Fresh bread from local bakeries.

It's a good thing Hubs and I love to cook.

 I'd never seen garlic scapes at this advanced stage before. 
They were like mini garlic bulbs.

First up:
Panko breaded halibut with sauteed garlic scapes,
fresh greens (with several types of edible flower heads included), tomatoes and cucumbers.

 Want to pick your dinner, sweetheart?
That was a new experience for her.

Hubs made us a seafood feast that night.

Steamed crab (like his makeshift steamer?),
scallops, mussels, with a shrimp cocktail appetizer.

I made my favorite salad—roasted beets and goat cheese on top of assorted greens.
I stole it from Henni's.
“Weed salad,” Hubs likes to call it.

 Ugh. Crab is messy.

One night, we went the easy route.
We had salami, basil and fresh mozzarella sandwiches
with cut up veggies and popcorn
in front of a movie.
 And we shared a giant cinnamon roll from Bakery San Juan for dessert.

The local grocery in San Juan, King's Market, is truly fabulous.
Tiny, but very well stocked.
Hubs found an assortment of mushrooms there and bought a ton.
He sauteed them and served them on top of wild rice
beside orange and ginger tilapia
and the last of our bag of “weed salad.”

I made the sandwiches and breakfasts,
but otherwise Hubs did almost all the cooking.

It might have been the best part of my vacation.

Have you taken a “foodie” vacation?
I loved how we worked the meals on this trip, and can't wait to do it again.
I need some suggestions.

Next up, I'll show you all about the San Juan Saturday Market. 
It was outstanding!


Cathy said...

Yeah, no suggestions here. Part of the vacation for me is NOT cooking. I must say that's the prettiest vacation food I've ever seen. Even the weeds.

Sophie said...

j'aime beaucoup ton reportage culinaire, tout simplement !

Big D and Me said...

Wow - your vacation food looks amazing - kind of puts my special Crackel Barrel stops to shame. I wish I enjoyed cooking but I absolutely loathe it. I love eating just not cooking. I would have eaten any of your meals.

Jen said...

We got beets in our CSA share again so I'm going to try roasting them again. When you put them in the salad with greens and goat cheese, what do you use for dressing?

Marisa said...

No dressing! I just make sure I get a little goat cheese and a beet chunk in each bite. Yum.

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