16 August 2011

a week on san juan island

Goodness. Where to start? I have so many things I want to share with you about our trip last week. We had such a lovely time. We stayed on the west coast of San Juan Island, in a lovely home overlooking Haro Strait (or as I like to call it, the Path of the Orcas). Seriously, look at this view.

Right outside the living room window. I was pinching myself all week.

We at fresh seafood all week long
(more on that in another post),

 browsed around adorable Friday Harbor,

visited our favorite kinetic sculpture artist Anthony Howe's fabulously fun outdoor gallery,

explored tidepools,

and hung out together, just the four of us.

I loved the living roof on the neighbor's house,

the ironwork on the sidewalks downtown

and this paper-cone-filled store window display.
I could do that, right?

More to come.
Next up, the food.
We ate like kings.
Local veggie- and seafood-loving kings.
Stay tuned.


Sophie said...

Il love your pictures (j'adore tes photos !)

Marisa said...

Merci, Sophie! J'ai eu beaucoup de défis passionnants.

Cathy said...

Oh, I would love to live there. Long sleeves and jeans in the middle of August? Yes, please.

Anonymous said...

thanks for showing me a part of my new "home" state I have yet to visit!! someday...

auntie M

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