30 August 2011

fromage de chevre avec bleuets

 Or, for you non-French speakers,

goat cheese with blueberries.

It was one of those warm summer evenings when no one really wanted to eat dinner, 
but we all needed something so we'd last until breakfast.

Goat cheese at room temperature
Chopped almonds
Green onions, for fun.
And a little drizzle of olive oil.

Wasa crackers for the grown-ups, Trader Joe's multigrain crackers for the littles.

Would make a great appetizer, too.

And I know, the green onions seem weird. 
But really, they work.
And they make the whole thing look fancy,
which is very important.

What's your favorite too-hot-for-cooking dinner?


Meelili said...

Hi! I'm french and i follow your blog... I like everything you do, it is very interesting. I post a comment to say that "blueberries" are "myrtilles" in french. "Bleuet" are blue flowers ;)

Good evening to you!

Marisa said...

Thank you for bringing that to my attention, Meelili! I was going from my high school French class memory. A quick Google tells me there are some different thoughts about the translation for blueberry—bleuets, myrtilles, airelles. . . I must do some more investigating. :)

Cathy said...

My favorite too-hot-for-cooking dinner is a toss-up between pepperoni pizza from Costco or our favorite Mexican restaurant. I can't even imagine placing goat cheese with almonds and blueberries in front of my family. They'd think I'd gone bonkers. Yours is certainly pretty though.

Sophie said...

Miam ! Cela semble délicieux, et j'aime bien ton titre en français ;)

les Canadiens disent bleuets au lieu de myrtilles (nous l'avons découvert lors d'un séjour en 2007), mais j'avais aussi l'impression que les "bleuets" étaient de plus grosses baies ?

Meelili said...

Airelles are red like little cranberries, and i have never listen to "bleuet" to talk about those fruits. I'm going to try your recipe tomorrow!

Marisa said...

Très intéressant! Qui savait, il y avait tellement de façons de nom de baies bleues?

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