12 September 2011

fairy house

Sweetpea and I built a fairy house together. Well, I did the actual design and construction, because it took a lot of hot glue and the glue was taking longer than usual to dry/cool. She sat next to me, watching Narnia and offered me praise along the way. Such a cheerleader, she is.

She did the decorating. She chose the leafed (is that a word?) branches to decorate the front, the wood chip with a hole for the front door, and the fabric “roof” woven through the sticks on top.

We nestled it under a small tree in the front yard, away from heavy traffic to make a safe place for wandering fairies. We're hoping some fairies will move in soon, but I told her that they're probably out enjoying the summer weather and will seek out shelter as the weather cools.

In the meantime, I'm keeping my eyes out for large nut shells and other natural containers so our visitors can leave Sweetpea a tiny thank you gift. Suggestions?

Our fairy house was inspired by the fairy door phenomenon. I fully intend to install a fairy door in our next house, before we move in, so the kids can discover it.

So fun. I love that the kids believe in such magical things. Sweet innocence.

By the way, I don't know what is going on with the color in these photos. I tried to fix it, but I was having an impatient editing day. Forgive me.