10 September 2011

i remember.

This is where I was when it happened.

I remember the phone waking me up.
I remember my sister telling me to turn on the news.
I remember turning on the tv just as the second tower was hit.
I remember sitting in this chair for hours, watching the news unfold.
I remember staring in disbelief.

I remember overwhelming patriotism in the following days.
I remember pride and unity filling my chest.
I remember donating blood for the first time ever, just so I could do something to help.
I remember yellow ribbons everywhere.

I remember wanting to wait to have children until my husband was out of the Army, so I wouldn't have to raise them on my own if something happened to him.
I remember his phone call (on my very first cell phone) from the plane to Kuwait, saying, “Life is too short,” and that he wanted to try for a baby when he got back.
I remember the agony of him being over there, before the news stations even knew there was a story to cover.
I remember the terror of “Shock and Awe.”

I remember completely agreeing with my husband that life really was too short.
And I remember giving birth to our baby girl just a little over a year later, in an Army hospital.

I remember the events of September 11, 2001. I cannot forget. I have daily reminders of those events in my daughter's eyes, in our yellow floral chair, in our red, white and blue. I remember everywhere.


Sophie said...

Je ne suis pas américaine... mais je me souviens bien aussi...
Ici nous étions l'après-midi, j'allais chercher mes enfants à l'école et à la radio dans la voiture j'ai entendu quelque chose d'étrange... je n'ai pas compris ni réalisé, en revenant à la maison, je me souviens m'être précipitée dans le bureau de mon mari, ensemble nous avons regardé sur le net... je me souviens aussi... je n'oublierai jamais ce jour là...

Marisa said...

Merci, Sophie. Thank you for reminding us that much of the world hurts along with us, and remembers with us.

Sabina said...

powerful and beautiful ~

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