07 September 2011

i learned. . .

ISO 320
1/400 sec
Critiques welcome!

I learned that 6-month baby shoots can be super fun! Here's the recipe:

1 adorable baby, freshly napped and fed
1 room flooded with diffused light
Baby's favorite toys, as needed
Quick shutter speed, on burst mode
Wide aperture

Combine all ingredients. Let the baby play, and shoot from all angles for approximately one hour. Pause as needed to allow the baby to rest. Photo shoot is done when baby cries more than smiles.

Tip: when baby doesn't feel like smiling, go for the overhead shot, the detail shot (like cute little baby toesies), or the artful crop. See more examples here.

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Meggan said...

cute pic! I love it most because we have that same outfit:) I need to do a 9 month shoot of my son, he's just learned to crawl:)

I found you via Click it up a notch:)

msdewberry said...

Very cute photo!I like the perspective you used. Good light to use in a photo shoot lets you concentrate more on the baby and pictures!

Emily said...

Sounds like a perfect day of shooting! I love the angle, colors and lighting in your photo. Thank you for sharing!

Sylvanfire said...

Cute pic, I will have to try this, my daughter just turned 6 months :)

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Courtney said...

I love that you used your creativity of angles to take the pressure off the little one to smile. I like how this shows how little he is. It would have been really cool if you could have gotten on a chair or ladder to get even higher to emphasize how little he is! The light looks nice where you were shooting. Good call on the toy to occupy him!! Thanks for sharing what you learned!

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