02 October 2011

band-aid box

Two weeks ago on the MakeHappy Facebook page, I asked for band-aid storage ideas. I was tired of the band-aid boxes falling out of the cabinet and needed some way to corral them. My dad suggested IKEA. He's so smart.

Meet KRUS, from IKEA. (Found in the kitchen storage area.)

√ Clear, so I can see through to ask child with owie which band-aid they want before I take off the lid.
√ Band-aid boxes fit perfectly.
√ There's room left for antibiotic ointment and some loose bandages.
√ I filled it to capacity with what we had, so no new band-aids until we use these up. Yessir.
√ Only $4.99. Four ninety-nine.

I'm a happy, organized mama.


Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

What a great idea! Ill have to look for this at ikea when I go next :)

abby @ {eatrunteach} said...

great idea! sometimes you just can't beat ikea.

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