29 September 2011

photo friday. seventeen. water+slow shutter.

I've been wanting to try some “rushing water” shots for a while. I finally found a great place, Starvation Creek just west of Hood River, and headed out there with a friend Thursday morning.

To capture (and blur) the movement of the water, I needed a slow shutter speed. These photos are all at or close to 1 second. To maintain proper exposure in this situation, I had to keep my ISO as low as possible (100 for my camera) and open or close my aperture as needed. If you're not comfortable with manual mode, you could use your Shutter Speed Priority, set your shutter speed at 1 second, and let your camera decide the rest. 

A tripod (or something stable to set your camera on) is crucial and a remote or self-timer is nice to reduce camera shake for such a long shutter.

I also had fun shooting those gnarly tree roots and couldn't resist one little sun flare photo.
Lots more photography practice scheduled this weekend for me.
Happy weekend everyone!


JoeBee said...

You might also try the mirror lock up function when your shutter speeds get really long.

I like these sis! Try longer shutter speeds to really show the movement in the water.

Marisa said...

Thanks! I did try a longer shutter, but it didn't seem to make much difference. Maybe if I try REALLY long, but there was too much light to go super slow.

I have not tried mirror lock up yet. I should do that.

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