17 October 2011

the garden's last hurrah

It was 37° when I woke up this morning. We all donned hats and gloves for the walk to school, then I went straight to the garden to make one last harvest. (Except for the kale. The kale is still going strong.)

One tiny zucchini and a handful of cherry tomatoes. Hmm. Sounds like lunch to me!
I chopped up the zucchini and sauteed it in olive oil until brown.
I would have added onion, but Little Mister objected.
I tossed half a can of leftover black beans and half a can of corn into the skillet and let those heat through.
For the last few minutes, I threw in quartered cherry tomatoes and a squeeze or two of lime juice.
I sprinkled on some cumin, chili powder and salt (you could also use 1 tsp of taco seasoning) and mixed it all together.
Top it with sour cream or yogurt, serve it with tortilla chips, and lunch is ready.

I also brought in our large, lone sunflower head. I usually leave the seeds for the birds, but this year Sweetpea asked to harvest them. It needs to finish drying for a little while, but the kids are pretty excited about it. 

Look at those packed in seeds. Rows and rows. I'll take that macro lens any day now, thank you very much.


Cathy said...

I like that Little Mister. Onions are gross. Your lunch looks yummy though! And I love the sunflower.

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