13 October 2011

photo friday. nineteen. autumn.

 Fall is here.
Cloudy, rainy days.
Slippers, soups, baked goods, sweaters.
Dreamy warm glow at approximately 4:30pm.

 I have to clean up everyone's messes.

October is my favorite month.
This one has been a bit wetter than I normally like, but I'll take it over August any day.
What's your favorite time of year?


Bcieloha said...

I need that first picture!

Sophie said...

I love your pictures ! And I love october also, especially since it' the birth month of my four children ! :D

Grandpa Bill said...

We love your pictures, too. And you've been gone long enough that we don't have to say that!

And we clean up our own messes!


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