25 October 2011

zig zag seuss quilt

 Meet the quilt that has been eating up all my kid-free time for the last several weeks.
Modeled on the Purl Bee Zig Zag Quilt,
using a stack of Dr. Seuss fat quarters, lots of white fabric,
plus some extra yardage for the backing.
 It's about 50x70", which is an odd size for a quilt.
But it's just the right size for two kids to share on our couch.
So they can stop playing tug of war with my childhood quilt.

When I got to the red and blue backing, I realized I didn't have quite enough fabric.
So I worked with all the scraps I had, measuring and planning every 
different combination before cutting anything.
I finally found a layout that worked and was so relieved.

Here it is in action.
The kids love it.
And the colors perfectly accentuate all the colorful toys on the floor. ;)
Time to take a breather now before my winter projects take over.


abby @{eatrunteach} said...

Your quilt turned out great! Love all the bright primary colors in it. :)

Cathy said...

I love Dr. Seuss and I love your quilt.

Lauralee said...

that almost stopped my heart I love it so much! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Great job!

Marisa said...

Thank you, everyone! Lauralee, that might be the best comment ever! :)

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