24 October 2011

wreath wrangling

Remember when I showed you the grapevine wreath I made?
I cut the vines from my backyard, 
twisted 'em up,
and hung it up on my door?

Well, the leaves dried and mostly fell off. 
And I finally got to see the shape.

Utterly pathetic.
It's not full enough, it's wonky, it's just plain sad.

Especially when you compare it to this grapevine wreath I bought
from Michaels for $3.99.
Three ninety nine, people.
 I will never ever make another pathetic homemade grapevine wreath again. 
Garland, maybe.
But not a wreath.

Anyway, I took that pretty mass-produced wreath
and spray painted it to oblivion.
Added some creepy spray-painted snakes
And now it's very spooky and I love it.

That other grapevine wreath imposter?
In the compost.
Worm food.
It's better for everyone that way.


Cathy said...

I love the creepy wreath. Snakes are horrible.

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