18 November 2011

photo friday. twenty three. Lightscoop.

I got a new camera toy in the mail this week—a Lightscoop. It is essentially a little mirror that clips on to the hot shoe (the bracket on top, where you would clip an external flash) and reflects the pop-up flash to bounce the light off the ceiling so it's not as harsh. For $30, when compared to the $300-$600 flash units I'm considering, the Lightscoop is an excellent starting place for me. I plan to use it through the dark winter months. By the time spring rolls around, I'll know if I need to save up for a “big girl” flash.

I've only practiced with it once. I'm still playing around with it. It comes with recommended camera settings for the brightest flash, but I like to be in control, so I'm learning how much I can play with those settings to make the light how I want it.

Do you have a Lightscoop? I'd love to chat with people that have some experience with it.

Have a great weekend everyone,
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