01 December 2011

double dark chocolate pomegranate cookies

When Dana from MADE posted the recipe for these chocolate pomegranate cookies, I thought they looked a little strange. Pomegranate in cookies? Wouldn't they break or shrivel or something during baking? Surprisingly, no, they don't. They mostly stay intact to provide little juicy bursts of fruity flavor in each bite of chocolate cookie. Yum.

Here's the link to the recipe. I made mine with half semi-sweet chips and half 60% cocoa dark chips. So decadent! However, I found they were definitely best warm from the oven, or at least on the day of baking. Much longer than that and they got kind of soggy—I think from the pomegranate juice.

Next time I'll bake just enough for dessert and top them with ice cream. 

I had to take a picture of the beautiful dough. Little Mister was helping me add ingredients, and when we put the pomegranate seeds/arils in, he exclaimed, "Look! There are hundreds of them! It's like a whole city!" So cute.


Cathy said...

Oh, that batter looks divine. I've never bought a pomegranate before. Maybe now's the time!

Sophie said...

MMh que cela semble délicieux !!

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