30 December 2011

last one

I've had this image tucked away for months, set aside to share if I didn't have anything to share. I love that it shows my girl's passion for reading. And I love that I'll be starting 2012 with an empty “Make Happy” folder on my computer.

I'm toying with the idea of a structured photography project for the coming year. A “Project 52”—one photo taken and posted each week—would be easy. It would be exactly what I'm already doing with Photo Friday. A “Project 366”—one photo taken and posted each day—would be much more challenging. (It's normally a 365, but 2012 is a leap year. For a geek like me, that extra day makes me want to do a 366 even more—because it only comes around once every four years.) What I have to decide between now and Sunday is if I'm willing to take on editing and posting every. single. day. Taking purposeful photos each day will be no problem, but the posting is another story. Maybe a 366 would help me make better images in camera, just to avoid processing time? Hmm.

Oh, and. . . hehe. . . my camera will be conveniently missing for the first part of 2012. It is currently residing here,
in a well-padded box, on a trip to Nikon in El Segundo. I've been having some auto focus issues, and Nikon would like to evaluate it. It's hard to let my baby camera go. If I could feasibly hand-carry it to Nikon, I would. Isn't that silly? 

I'm crossing my fingers that it will be fixed and returned to me quickly. But it means that, whichever project I choose, I'll be using our old point and shoot for a little while. Maybe that's a good thing. It's the photographer, not the camera, right? It has a manual mode, though it works much differently than a dslr. Might be fun to figure out. Good mental exercise.

We'll see. I have much thinking to do tomorrow. (And cleaning, and sleepover packing, and toy organizing, and laundry. . . )


Cathy said...

I think you should do the 366. How could you not? I love your pictures. And what a sweet picture of your girl. Love it.

Grandpa Bill said...

Not doing the 366 would be like traveling to southern Oregon and not stopping at Rice Hill for ice cream. It would negatively affect your karma.

Jillaire said...

I've been so out of blogging lately (writing AND reading), but I finally backtracked and caught up on yours so I could figure out all this /366 business. Now I get it. Good luck!

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