01 January 2012


 We rang in the new year with a tantrum and a time out.
Because, really, it's just another day.
Especially when you're four.

And here's a little peek at the mathy fun that goes on in our house.
We were sitting down to a nice candlelit dinner last night
when Hubs looked up at the shadows cast by the candles.
“Huh. We have a Venn diagram on our ceiling.”
We did not postulate on what we could potentially compare within that diagram.
We'll save that for when the kids are a little older.

P.S. Working with our point and shoot/iPod/cell phone cameras while mine is away is already proving to be a challenge. I'm thinking bright, contrasty light is key. I'll try to find some for tomorrow.


Cathy said...

I love me a good Venn diagram every once in a while. Finding them in nature (or at least your ceiling) is the best.

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