13 December 2011


Mama bought a couple of new toys. I recently added a macro lens and a wide angle lens to my collection. I'm not loving the wide angle just yet—my camera is having some focus issues and due to go in to Nikon after the holidays. But the macro, which gives best results with manual focus for close ups, is my new best friend.

 This spider was tiny. Four of them could fit on a pea.

 The eye is not as sharp as it could be, but it was my first attempt. 
I have wanted to be able to take a picture like this for a long time!

The 105mm macro is not just great for macro. It's a beautiful portrait lens, and quick enough to catch my little jumper with enough light.
The ornament—I bought my camera in February. I've been waiting ten months to take a reflection photo in an ornament! It was exciting for me. :)

There will be more macro shots coming. Hope you don't mind. I'm slightly obsessed right now.