22 December 2011

photo friday. twenty six. light.

I'm a closet etymology geek. From the first time I learned I could break down words to decipher meaning, I was hooked, and needed to know the origin of every word. I took an etymology class in college (it was one of my favorites), kept my textbook, and refer to it at least once a month. In fact, I did today:

Photograph = phot + graph
          phot = light
          graph = draw, record

Photograph = a record of light

I am trying to keep this in mind, when taking photographs in my daily life and when seeking subjects to photograph for the sake of art and personal development. Identifying and capturing the best light is one of my photography goals for 2012. I've been giving myself some exercises over the last few days, and I'm already learning so much.

In the image below, I could not find an acceptable exposure for both Little Mister and Winnie the Pooh. My little guy was my priority, so Pooh got overexposed. Sorry, Pooh.

 Keller Auditorium
Portland, Oregon

And playing around on the drive home.
Heh—I was not behind the wheel. ;)

 Yes, the dirt and bokeh are closer than they appear.
Watch out.

Happy Friday everyone!


Sophie said...

I love etymology too (c'était au lycée pour moi), and your work is very interesting (I recongnize a bilibo in front of the TV, a very good game !)

Marisa said...

Merci, Sophie. We love the bilibos! Every child that visits our home is immediately drawn to them. I have to keep the living room floor clear for spinning. :)

Sophie said...


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