10 January 2012

10/366 my little guy

Today was a busy day. I was home for two whole hours between 8am and 7pm. That's probably normal, or more than normal, for a lot of you, but for this “stay at home” mom, it was definitely not normal. Selfishly, it would have been nice to pop in a movie for the little dude and browse blogs/answer emails/stalk Facebook/relax for those two home hours. But I did not. I made a cup of coffee and cheered for him while he played an online LEGO car chase game. We read two books together. He allowed me into his world of talking trains and gave me a tour of the track he built. We snuggled on the couch and talked about what life was like when he was a baby.

I need to neglect my computer more often.

All images today with the Canon S5iS.
The train/track/roundhouse photos were not edited, other than to add the watermark.
With the right light, this P&S is a sharp little camera!
(The train blur was done intentionally.) :)
I'm quite impressed, considering it is about four years old and only 4 megapixels.


Grandpa Bill said...

Another deposit against teenage withdrawals to come! In ten years, when Little Mister is approaching max rebellious, this input will enable just a bit more communication possibility. Keep it up, for your later mental health!

Cathy said...

I just love reading Grandpa Bill's comments!

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