09 January 2012

9/366 my fridge makes me happy?

 Canon S5iS
I was looking for something different to document today. Fridge light popped into my head almost immediately. What is it about the light from the refrigerator? It's bright, and doesn't give much color cast. I guess that's enough. I'm always drawn to refrigerator light photos. That sounds funny. :)

But what to photograph in the fridge? The empty space where the leftovers sat that I had planned to photograph today but forgot? (I will make PW's cheeseburger salad again just so I can take a picture for you. Oh, and it was delicious.) No, no, nothing in my fridge worthy of a photograph. But my hair was behaving today, and I've had this nagging desire to replace my mopey self-portrait from a few days ago, so this is what I came up with. Much happier today!

I took the kids to the park after school today. I may not be thrilled with our sunny winter weather, but I am loving the all day long shadows.



Cathy said...

I love your curly curls.

Grandpa Bill said...

That's better...the 'up-to-something' look in your eyes is very familiar!

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