18 January 2012

18/366 that's what i'm talking about

Finally, here is the snow I've been begging for! We had 16 measurable inches today, but there was lots of melting/compacting/continuous snowing. I don't know what the total snowfall was yet. We were out for hours this morning. Hubs built the kids a snow cave. I attempted a snowman doing a headstand, but I made the top snow ball too big and it collapsed. We went in for lunch and then it started raining. It will be mostly slush tomorrow, but I'm completely satisfied.

 Check out the hummingbird feeder!
I cleared it off for the little guys.

The catch-22? My camera was due to be delivered today, but the UPS truck didn't make it because of adverse weather conditions. I'm crossing my fingers it will be here tomorrow.


Sophie said...

what a dream for the children !!

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