20 January 2012

19/366 ice

Last night was quite humbling. Our winter wonderland has turned into an icy nightmare. Trees and power lines are falling all over the region; cars are sliding off roads. My husband had his scanner on for a while, and some of the calls we heard were heartbreaking. A million thanks to the tireless emergency responders of the Columbia River Gorge.

We lost power for about four hours last night. That's why this post is late. No internet, no heat. Thankfully we spent most of the time snuggled in our beds. When the power did come back on at 1am, I walked around the house turning off lights that had been left on. It was c-c-c-cold in the house. I'm so thankful we have heat to keep us warm. I know there are some families that have to endure this winter weather without heat for much longer than four hours.

My camera showed up on our doorstep during dinner last night. I used it for the photo above. I haven't tested it in daylight yet, but my tests last night showed it 97% fixed. I can work with that—there's no way I'm sending it back again just yet! The rest of the photos were taken with the P&S, to document the ice around our home and our fourth day with no school this week.


Cathy said...

Beautiful but scary. Hope you're all safe.

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