08 January 2012

8/366 typical sunday

Images today taken with a Canon S5iS while my D700 is away. Is this getting annoying? I really miss my camera.

Typical Sunday.
Pajamas all day.
A little laundry, some puzzles.
Man, Triazzles are hard.
I don't usually give up on puzzles, but I gave up on this one today.
I went outside and saw this cool shadow the neighbor's tree was casting.

The weather this winter is something else. It's usually snowing, or at least raining. This dry, warmish weather is worrisome (will we have enough snow pack for the summer?) and, frankly, annoying. I want some snow! We've had significant snowfalls every year since we moved here—almost six years ago. I bought the kids new boots and snowsuits this year. I hope we get some use out of them before they outgrow them!


jenn said...

Looks like a nice day! And don't worry, we have lots of snow in the mountains -- Hopefully you get some on your side of the mountains too before long :)

Sophie said...

presque jamais de neige ici, mais c'est normal, mais nous avons un hiver trop chaud aussi, il n'y a pas encore eu de gel !!!

Ah ce puzzle est fou à faire, j'en ai un équivalent dans ma classe, bien sûr, mes élèves ne peuvent pas le faire, ou juste avec le modèle en dessous, ou le début...

Courtney said...

I love the angle you took the first one from!!

Marisa said...

Jenn—I'm keeping my fingers crossed. ;)
Sophie—c'est tres tres difficile!!
Courtney—thank you!

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