23 January 2012

cold brewed desperation coffee

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When the power was still out Saturday morning, I started wondering what I would do without coffee. I can make it, I thought. But I was cranky. My head hurt. I tried to think of something I could do to take the edge off, and the chocolate in a batch of zucchini brownies I made wasn't working. Darn caffeine addiction.

I thought of Pioneer Woman's cold brewed coffee, but a) I didn't have eight hours to brew it and b) I didn't have internet to look up her method. So I winged it. 

I put approximately two tablespoons of ground coffee into a glass and poured in a cup or so of cold water. I stirred like crazy and let it sit for about an hour. After the hour was up, I strained it into another glass with some cheesecloth to catch the grounds.

It made thick, dark brown sludge. Mmmm.

I like my coffee strong and dark, but even I didn't want to drink that. I added some milk to make it tolerable. Some flavored syrup, Bailey's or Kahlua would have been nice.

It was still a bit gritty, like the last cup from a French press. But beggars can't be choosers. It was just what I needed and I was a much nicer mama. Best of all, I proved I can rough it, Little House on the Prairie style.

I'm so thankful today for my steaming hot, non-gritty coffee.

Happy Monday!