22 January 2012

22/366 mailbox valentines

Today was hopefully our last day trapped in the house. We weren't really trapped today, but freezing rain prevented us from attending my nephew's first birthday party in Gresham. Boo.

Sweetpea and I figured we'd get a head start on her class valentines, since we had time. We ended up finishing them! It took us about two hours to put together 30 of these mailbox valentines. I've never had valentines done this early. It feels so strange. Good, but strange.

I found the idea on Pinterest, and tracked it back to Gigi's Creative Designs blog. She has the materials list on her Valentine Mail Box post, and the dimensions for the card stock strips. So head over there for the details.

She did not, however, have clear assembly directions. So I played around with the strips and photographed they way we assembled them.

Note: Sweetpea is seven, but she needed quite a bit of help with assembly. The strips need to be pulled tightly around the Hershey Nuggets for a secure hold.

If I were concerned with these looking perfect, I would have used hidden double sided tape. But since they're for a class of second graders, the paper mailbox will probably be ripped apart immediately to access the candy. So we went the easy—and less expensive—route and used regular transparent tape.

Aren't they adorable? Oh, and since Hershey Nuggets are processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts, we used Starburst (three, stacked, then turned on their sides) for the kids in the class with nut allergies. Happy almost Valentine's Day!


Cathy said...

Well those are just adorable!

Sophie said...

Joli travail !

nana/ma said...

Soooo cute! If sweetpea had difficulty with them, she could try the idea in a couple of years(more muscles!)since the mailboxes would be welcomed at any age.

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