09 February 2012

40/366 independent study

She's obsessed with peacocks lately.

She practically did a cartwheel when she came home from school today.
“Guess what I got from the library today? A book on peacocks! I think it was the only one in the whole library. I'm going to read it, and then I'm going to read it again and do a report on it for my teacher.”

For fun.
She's doing a book report for fun.
My heart swells.


Jen said...

Love her. :) And now every time I see a peacock themed anything, I think of her.

nana/ma said...

Thou art twice blest. You'll probably write a similar comment under a pic of Jack in a couple of years. (of course it might be something he took apart and reassembled-using all the pieces!)

Sophie said...

Une bonne chose que cette passion qu'elle a envie de partager, et quelle chance d'avoir trouvé un livre sur les paons à la bibliothèque !

Green Mountain Realty said...

Beautiful, Thanks for Sharing

Grandpa Bill said...

My kid is doing a terrific parenting job...my heart swells more.

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