08 February 2012

sweet potato black bean quinoa burgers

My favorite new blog find of the week? The Joy of Clean Eating. This blog has tons of recipes, including many that are vegan, gluten free and grain free. Like these sweet potato quinoa burgers with black beans. They were so tasty! I was skeptical—non-beef burgers are prone to falling apart, which causes me much frustration. But these held together flawlessly. They do have a softer texture than regular burgers of course, but none of us seemed to mind.

I didn't have any buns on the night I made them, so we ate them plain. I put mine on a bed of baby spinach with raw bell peppers on the side. My dinner was filling and completely satisfying, but I didn't feel weighed down. Such a great feeling.

I baked them this time, but next time I'll pan fry them. The author mentions in her post that they taste like hash browns if you pan fry them. Yum.

For the kids, who don't love spinach and won't touch bell peppers, I gave them just a few spinach leaves and some extra corn. They both really liked the burgers! 

Note: I know this sounds like an advertisement. I assure you that I don't know the authors of the blog and they didn't ask me for a review. I just tried the recipe and really loved it.

Have you tried any new recipes this week?


Cathy said...

Well, my kids might eat the corn. I'll have to make these for my mom when she comes to visit. She loves veggie burgers. I like mine with a little more moooo.

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