22 February 2012

53/366 rain

Sweetpea found this seed head at the park for me. I stuck it in her backpack because I thought it would make a fun macro subject, and forgot about it for two days. But even with two days of backpack abuse, it looks exactly like it did at the park—delicately curved stem and all. Resilient little seed head.

My shutter speed (1/400sec) was not fast enough for the splashing rain drops today. I knew this, but was unwilling to raise my ISO any higher (it was already at 400) and also unwilling to make my depth of field any more shallow (it was at f/10). I'll try again on a brighter rainy day. I'm sure there will be one soon. ;)


Sophie said...

Jolies images, j'aime tout particuli√®rement celle de la goutte qui √©clate ♥♥ Bravo !!

Marisa said...


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