26 February 2012

57/366 columbia gorge hotel, via iphone

Hubs and I were able to treat ourselves to brunch at the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel this morning. I was planning to bring my camera, but dreading it a little because I knew I would need at least three lenses for the shots I wanted. When I looked out the window and saw rain, I decided to leave the camera at home and just enjoy brunch with my husband.

Of course, when we got there, it stopped raining. And the hotel was gorgeous. And the grounds were phenomenal. I was tempted to drive all the way home, across the toll bridge and back, to retrieve my camera. Instead I used this as a scouting mission, walking a full circle around the hotel and planning all my shots. Yes, I will indeed need three lenses, and a beefed up tripod. Some sun and blooming flowers would be nice, as well. I guess I'll save my shoot for springtime. 


nana/ma said...

Your phone does a decent job too! The photos you took show how beautiful a wet-non-flower site it can be. Your work is very good!

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