27 February 2012

58/366 topped ramen

Hubs and I perused a semi-nearby Asian grocery store (Uwajimaya in Beaverton, Oregon; there are a few in Washington, too) over the weekend and found these pink noodles. They're colored with plum extract. Even though Sweetpea is too old and too cool for pink these days (sigh), we still think of her when we see the rosy color anywhere. She was obsessed with pink for five of her seven years, after all.

Aren't they fun? They look like long thin sticks of bubble gum up close. (They're not flavored, though, just regular noodles.)

I knew what to do with them right away. One of our favorite dinners is basic noodle soup and an array of toppings. We first did this when Sweetpea wanted to try those little packages of ramen. She wanted it plain, but I told her noodles, water and flavored salt do not make a meal! So I chopped up some veggies and meat (sometimes hard boiled egg) and let everyone choose some healthy toppings for their soup.

Tonight's dinner was pink noodles, cooked and then added to simmering chicken broth + minced onion + a pinch of salt. On the table were bowls of sautéed kale, sautéed mushrooms, tomato, leftover barbecued chicken, carrot shavings and asparagus. Hubs complained that his bowl was too small. Sweetpea had her noodle soup plain, and a bowl of veggies and chicken on the side. I didn't hear from Little Mister until his bowl was empty—he was too busy eating.

Oh, and the best part about this dinner? Slurping noodles is most definitely allowed! :)


JoeBee said...

mmm yum. We do something like that, but with rice noodles and we just cook everything together.

Sophie said...

MMh ce dîner est très appétissant, je ne pense pas à faire ce genre de proposition à la maison, à tenter ;) merci

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