28 February 2012

59/366 sage

I've been trying to find the perfect plant for the pots by my front door. I am horrible at remembering to water them, so I lose almost everything I plant there. A couple months ago I was in the backyard and looked at my sage—my giant sage that was salvaged from a tiny cutting, grew like lightning, and thrives in all kinds of weather from drought to below freezing to 18 inches of snow. Yeah, that might survive my front door pots. I grabbed a new shoot and stuck it in the pot. I've only watered it a few times, but it's still green and growing.

I loved the light shining on it at sunrise this morning. It's a good thing I photographed it when I did, because our skies were overcast and snowy the rest of the day.

I'm savoring these late morning sunrises. Before I know it, I'll have to get up at 5am if I want that gorgeous morning glow.


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