09 March 2012

69/366 frames

I have to set the whole scene for this image to make sense. It's 6:45am. Hubs is exercising in the living room, Sweetpea is eating breakfast, I am in the hallway waiting for Little Mister—who requested privacy—to decide if he's done throwing up. (Don't you just love mornings that involve vomit? Especially when they begin at 4:50am?) I turn and happen to notice the reflection of my beautiful daughter in the glass of a frame on the wall. 

It was quite dark in the hallway, but I had to try anyway. I'm glad I did! I love reflections. What a fun shot. 

I came around the corner to capture the image being reflected. It was quite a peaceful morning, except for the whole throwing up thing. I'm crossing my fingers he'll wake up with a healthy tummy tomorrow. (And sleep all night. Please, please, no middle of the night issues.)


Cathy said...

Sorry your little guy is sick. My little guy has slept right through his own puke several times in his short life. Weird.

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