10 March 2012

70/366 clouds

Ashleigh's 1word cue for this week is CLOUDS. The forecast told me that yesterday was my best opportunity for clouds, but with a sick kid (better today, hooray!), it wasn't easy to run out and shoot the gorgeous sunset we had. (The family we had over for dinner would have definitely understood, though, and some of them would have joined me.)

It's supposed to rain for the next several days, so today's “partly cloudy” report will probably be my best chance. I didn't get quite what I was hoping for, but good enough. You may see a few more attempts before Wednesday if the weather cooperates.

I like the clouds in the top photo best; the image was taken from the Skyline Hospital parking lot. Best view from a hospital room anywhere, I'd bet. But I just love the curve of the river I can get from my favorite pull-out on Cook-Underwood Road. Hubs wants me to take pictures of him flying through the gorge from that spot one of these days. We're both looking forward to it.


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