12 March 2012

72/366 thirty three

This is me at 33.

Unruly hair, experimental self-portrait, rainbow pop-bead necklace made by my four year old son.

That sums up my life quite accurately, actually.

A friend sent me this Peter Hurley video on jaw placement in photos a few hours after I took the above photo. (Well, I took about twenty photos and this one was the best.) If I'd taken the pictures after watching the video, I probably wouldn't have taken so many photos! If you've ever had a photo of yourself that you didn't like because of unflattering chin/jaw/neck area, I highly recommend you watch this video. I'm excited for some new direction in my next round of self-portraits.

I love waking up to a stack of hand-selected cards from Hubs and the kids. The little guy chose a Spongebob card for me, which is hilarious and totally appropriate coming from him. He's only seen Spongebob a handful of times (Hubs and I are not fans), but he's just in love with the silly character. And if he loves Spongebob, why wouldn't Mom love a Spongebob card?
Sweetpea's card is a keeper. It says, “Dear Mommy, Thank you for tucking me in, picking me up, and showing me how. Thank you for teaching me to do things on my own, and believing in me when I try. Thank you for hugging me and loving me and doing special things to make me happy.” I love that she picked it out herself. I love that she is so generous with her love.

And Hubs, as usual, has gone above and beyond to make today pleasant and stress-free for me.

The numbers keep getting higher, and the birthdays get a little tougher each year. But each year I am reminded how lucky I am to have one more year with my amazing family. I am one lucky lady. ♥