11 March 2012

71/366 catherine creek

Today was almost a loss. We wanted to go hiking, but it was raining. We gave in and made peanut butter playdough, and the sun came out. We got ready to go for a hike again, and it started snowing. Seriously? I was getting really frustrated, but Hubs convinced me to go anyway. So we went. While we were there, it rained, then the sun came out, and it rained some more. Ah, fickle spring.


Barb said...

Hi Marisa! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have been meaning to get over here and I am so glad I stopped by! I love your photos! Especially this one! I just got a macro lens a couple months back and I have been striving to get a photo like this to no avail. One day... And I enjoy your writing. You seem like a down to earth kind of girl!

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