29 March 2012

89/366 my buddy

My Buddy
My Buddy
Wherever I go
He goes 

Remember that? Yeah, that's us this week. He's on spring break, so no preschool. We've been spending lots of time outside, which has been great, but today it rained all day. Stuck inside. Him and me. Juuust the two of us. We watched the street sweeper go down the street, read some books, made lunch together, swept the floor together, took an extra long time at the grocery store.

I know I'll miss our days together when he starts kindergarten in the fall. It's hard to keep that in mind when he's chattering away endlessly or throwing a fit. I need to put up some kind of reminder for myself to cherish this time. Significant amounts of chocolate and deep breathing exercises may be needed, as well.


JoeBee said...

Im glad you exposed the street sweeper picture as you did. If you were to try and expose the indoor part to come closer to the outdoor the feeling would have been limited..Good stuff sis!

Marisa said...

Thanks Joe! The outside is a bit brighter than I wanted, but I liked the little bit of definition on the little guy.

Cathy said...

Now I've got that silly song stuck in my head. I love this post. A lot.

Jillaire said...

This makes me laugh a little since preschool is only 6 hours a week! Not a huge difference with spring break, eh? Heck, in the last 7 school days I've only had 2 where my 2 oldest were actually both at school. Now it's their spring break. Talk about together time. If you're ever missing Little Mister when he's at school next year, you can always have my boy over for a bit! : )

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