16 April 2012

107/366 sunbreak

 Today was a rainy day.
The only light was flat, heavily filtered by gray clouds.
I had resigned myself to photographing flowers getting their spring showers.

But then the clouds parted.
And the sun came out.
 I only had a few minutes before school pick-up,
so I wasn't as precise as I wanted to be.

But I was very excited to see new growth on my transplanted sage.

And this dandelion. . . 
 I spent more time than I had available trying to nail focus on this dandelion.
I was battling wind, sprinkles, changing light, and the clock.
 After I picked up Sweetpea, I set out to try again.
But by then, the dandelion looked like this.
It's a good thing dandelions are so plentiful.
I could try again every day if I wanted to.


Cathy said...

Well that's the prettiest dandelion I've ever seen!

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