02 May 2012

123/366 tissue paper flora

Sweetpea chose a Rio theme for her birthday party this year. We spent today making a table full of tissue paper flowers and leaves in bright, saturated colors. I use the word “we” loosely—she helped for approximately four flowers before leaving to play cars with the little guy. We were working on these stacked tissue hibiscus-type flowers, and I showed her how to separate the layers to make them fluffy.

“You're hired!” she said.

Seriously? Where does an almost 8 year old get a line like that?


Cathy said...

Cute! You're such a good mommy to do all that work. I love some of the stuff my kids say. They can be quite funny.

nana/ma said...

Umm...she gets it from her Mom? She really does have an unusually sharp sense of humor, but both kidlets are unusually sharp about everything. I suppose you could blame The Dad for half of it. Love them to bits!!

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