01 May 2012

122/366 patience pays off

The hummingbirds love our feeder. One visits just about every 5-10 minutes. Their presence is so regular, I can pick any sunny day, stand in front of the living room window, set my exposure and focus and wait, and be rewarded within a few minutes with a fluttering subject.

Except today. 

My first round, I set my exposure while the sun was unobstructed. When a bird came to the feeder, I was in such a hurry to capture it that I didn't realize a cloud was covering the sun and my exposure was off. So I waited some more.

The next bird that came decided to feed on the opposite side of the feeder. I couldn't get it no matter where I stood.

I set the camera down and walked away. I was getting frustrated and took the opportunity to mix up a new batch of sugar water for the darlings.

After I finished, I came back, dialed in some forgiving settings, and waited some more. Much to my surprise, two hummingbirds came and danced around the feeder, sipping away. I couldn't believe my luck. It's very rare for us to see two at the feeder at the same time.

Of course, my settings were not quite so forgiving that I could get both birds in focus. But I'm satisfied with that top photo.

One bird flew away, and the other stuck around to snack some more. I could really nail focus when dealing with one bird, so I concentrated on him. It was fun to see his tiny tongue flickering after he took a drink.

Do you have a popular hummingbird feeder?
They're such fun to watch.


Sophie said...

Super !
J'ai joué au même jeu ce midi avec des mésanges venant nourrir leur petits, le nichoir étant en bois, on ne peut pas voir les petits, mais les mésanges acceptent bien notre présence à plus de 2 mètres...

Barb said...

I just love the last one! What a joy it must be to have a hummingbird visit your house so often!

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