08 May 2012

129/366 my girl

Three photographed interactions with my girl today.

 1. Morning light streaming as she finished her breakfast. She likes to sit sort of sideways, curled up, and it drives us crazy because we fear she'll misalign her spine and knees. 
And the awkward Fixing of the Dress when you get up. . . a trial every woman has endured.

2. Hanging up her newest birthday painting with the rest of her collection. 

3. Trying to examine paper money with a cheap plastic magnifying glass was tough for my old eyes. She could see “FIVE DOLLARS” easily, but I could not. I pulled out the big guns—my macro lens—to get a much clearer picture. 
I prefer my magnifying glass to hers. :)


Cathy said...

I love the birthday paintings! What a fun idea. Happy birthday to your cute girl!

Nath said...

Hello Marissa, j'aime beaucoup the ohotos blanck and white... Et le système d'accrocher les peintures de ta fille au mur...
My english is not rich so... Mon rêve ré-apprendre l'anglais pour pouvoir le lire et le parler couramment.
Kisses et see you later.

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