09 May 2012

130/366 locked out

Little Mister and I walked Sweetpea to school this morning. I took my camera with in case I found anything interesting during the walk. On our way home, I realized that I'd left the house without my keys, and my phone. I stopped at the neighbor's house and left a voice mail for Hubs, asking him to come to our rescue. (He works just a few minutes away.) After a few minutes of chatting with the neighbor, I took the Little Dude home. He played in the yard, and I pulled some long-neglected weeds. Two hours later, I went back to the neighbor's house and called Hubs again, finally got a response, and was swiftly rescued. 

If I hadn't locked us out, those weeds would have been neglected for a few more weeks. I loathe pulling weeds, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to be productive in the yard today.