09 May 2012

130/366 locked out

Little Mister and I walked Sweetpea to school this morning. I took my camera with in case I found anything interesting during the walk. On our way home, I realized that I'd left the house without my keys, and my phone. I stopped at the neighbor's house and left a voice mail for Hubs, asking him to come to our rescue. (He works just a few minutes away.) After a few minutes of chatting with the neighbor, I took the Little Dude home. He played in the yard, and I pulled some long-neglected weeds. Two hours later, I went back to the neighbor's house and called Hubs again, finally got a response, and was swiftly rescued. 

If I hadn't locked us out, those weeds would have been neglected for a few more weeks. I loathe pulling weeds, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to be productive in the yard today.


Cathy said...

Oops. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to get those weeds pulled.

Nath said...

The sun is au rendez-vous, it's good. Nice day... Hear, the rain is here. Kisses. Nath

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