13 May 2012

rio party

 Remember these tissue paper flowers?
Strung up with crepe paper vines?

They were for a Rio themed party!
Sweetpea's choice.
She decided months ago that she wanted to decorate masks at her birthday party. So we came up with a tropical, Carnival-like Rio theme (the country, not necessarily the movie, though there were brightly colored birds involved) to fit her chosen activity. It was a lot of fun. And the dollar store just so happened to have an aisle full of “luau” decorations that fit our theme pretty well.

She designed her invitations on the computer again, just like last year.

She requested fruit pizza—sugar cookie crust, whipped cream “frosting” and fruit on top.

The mask decorating went very well. Turns out that 8 year old girls are very good at sharing art supplies, taking turns, and encouraging each other. This was our calmest birthday party yet! We also assembled our own tacos, played Limbo, danced, and drew with sidewalk chalk outside. I could get used to this Having Older Kids thing.


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