06 June 2012

158/366 twenty five things about me

My friend Cathy did a post like this yesterday. I'm blatantly copying her. She's full of great ideas.

1. I'm shy. People often confuse that with being mean or snobby or unapproachable. But I'm really just shy.

2. It bugs me when people stop a microwave before it is finished and leave those unused seconds on the screen. When I use something, I try to return it to it's original condition or better. I always reset the microwave.

3. I'm terrified of bees. When they fly near me, I try to put on a brave face for the kids (mostly because Hubs asked me to), but it's hard. Inside I'm shrieking like a cartoon damsel running from a mouse.

4. I've been stung three times. Two of those were because I stepped on the bee. Now I always wear shoes outside.

5. When I was 14 or so, before my Always Wear Shoes Outside rule, I chose to ride barefoot in the car with my older sister. I don't remember where we were going, but it was probably to some sort of drive thru because I knew I wouldn't be getting out of the car. Except the car broke down, and we had to walk a few blocks, and it was really super hot outside. I burned the bottoms of my feet. (Don't do that. It hurts! Always wear shoes outside.)

6. I hate the term “drive thru,” but it looks weird to write “drive through” when referring to a lane with windows for ordering things.

7. The first time I stepped on a bee (quite possibly the same summer as the burned feet), we thought we got the stinger out right away. But a day or two later, a big swollen lump formed on my foot. It was like walking on a golf ball.

8. I'm not an animal fan. My kids would love a pet, but I can't find any that take care of themselves and don't shed. Or stink. Or poop.

9. I don't like made up words like “ginormous.” Choose “enormous” or “gigantic,” but don't combine them.

10. I think texting shorthand is ruining the vocabulary of our society.

11. I think it should be required for your Facebook (or any) profile photo to be of your actual face. Not your dog, not a flower, not a logo. How else am I supposed to stealthily—and from a distance—figure out who you are or what you look like after all this time?

12. My maiden name is very long, difficult to spell and difficult to pronounce. My goal in my young life was to marry a man with a short, easy to pronounce last name. I failed. It is shorter, but it might actually be more difficult to spell and pronounce.

13. I cringe when I hear “all the sudden” (it's “all of a sudden”) and “could of” (it's “could have”) and “sense” instead of “since.” (There are many more that make me cringe, but I've reached my quota of quotation marks.) I believe that if people read more books, they would learn to speak/write properly.

14. I have at least three lip balm tubes on hand at all times—one by my bed, one in my purse, and one near the front door. I freak out if my lips are dry and I'm stranded without lip balm. I'd like to keep one in my car, but it would melt in the summer and freeze in the winter.

15. I call all lip balm “chapstick” even though it's not Chapstick brand. I hate that, but I can't seem to train myself otherwise.

16. I use the Carmex in the tall silver tube right now and I love it.

17. I am in the habit of desiring something sweet after lunch and dinner. This is a very bad habit that I am trying to break.

18. I would like a system of signs or an electronic sign in my car that would advise people when I see things that need attention. I would have signs that read,
  • Your turn signal is still on!
  • Left lane = fast/right lane = slow
  • Your headlight/brake light is out
  • Your turn signal bulb must be broken
  • Your fuel door is open!
  • You should really put a seatbelt on your kid
  • Ooh, you're cool. (This is sarcastic, and would be used mostly on young men.)
19. People tend to misunderstand my sarcasm.

20. I prefer to be around people with thick skins. I'm not a very sensitive person. I prefer to handle differences directly, and without fluff.

21. I organized construction paper in Sweetpea's classroom yesterday. I put it all in rainbow and size order. I like things to be in proper order.

22. It feels weird to get into my bed in regular clothes, on the rare occasion that I get time for a nap. I usually at least change into pajama pants.

23. I lived in the same house from 1-18 years old. Since then I have moved fourteen times. (That's fourteen times in fifteen years.)

24. I used to like moving. Now we have too much stuff. I do enjoy rearranging furniture, though.

25. I clean the house only when I know people are coming over. So be sure to call first if you plan on making a visit.