08 June 2012

160/366 red

I was out in the yard today, searching all over for a ladybug for Ashleigh's “red” photo prompt this week. I wasn't seeing any, so I took some ho hum photos of whatever I could find that was red, hoping for some more inspiration.

I headed over to a peony bush, a favorite spot for ladybugs in our yard. I found the most curious thing—a ladybug, a honeybee, and a fly all on the same flower. I expected the fly and the honeybee to flee as I brought the camera closer, but it was as if they didn't even notice me.

I got really close, and the bee didn't flinch.
I probably could have stroked its fuzzy back.
 Ha! I'd never do that.

I backed up and noticed that the fly had moved from the flower to a leaf above. 
It appeared to be watching the activity on the flower, but still seemed to be unaware that I was there.
 Or maybe it just didn't care.

I think these insects were drunk on peony.
That's the only reason I can think of that they would let me get so close without flying away. I got closer to this fly than I got to the bee, and he was like, “Hey dude. You should totally try some of this peony juice. It's awesome.”

And I ended up getting a much more interesting “red” image.