25 June 2012

177/366 mt. st. helens

 We took a trip to Mt. St. Helens today.
We spent most of the morning waiting for the clouds to lift.
We didn't have much luck.

It is amazing to see how much of the land around it is still barren.
30 years after the eruption, there are still trees down and ashy mud river banks.

 We did get one fleeting glimpse of the whole mountain.
At least what is left of it.

 And the two visitor centers we explored were interesting.

 These clusters of noble firs (above) really caught my eye.
In person, they are so straight and narrow, they look pixelated.
In the photo, they look blurred.
(I promise they're not.)

It decided to rain as we were leaving.
Good timing!

Any adventures for you this week?


Cathy said...

Oh, I love this. Let's go there again when I come visit.

Jillaire said...

Sorry you didn't have a more clear day. I'm glad you got a glimpse since it really is amazing to see that giant gash in the side of the mountain.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! That is incredible! So glad you could go on such a fun adventure!

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