26 June 2012

178/366 pike place market

Gorgeous tomatoes, gross Gum Wall.

Giant doughnuts! Of course we bought one. (The glazed. That's too much chocolate, even for me.)

Lots and lots of rain.

 The rain I could handle. The afternoon crowds, on the other hand, did me in. I'm a morning market girl.


Cathy said...

I want to go there. I would have gotten the chocolate donut though. And rain in the summer? Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are still here - today is GORGEOUS! Sunny and warm...but yes, market crowds in the summer get insane. I try to avoid downtown in the summer...but so fun! Try the Ballard Market on sundays if you are ever back

Barb said...

So at first I thought "wow, I wonder how they painted that brick wall. It looks so cool". then I saw it was a gum wall and I am totally grossed out! But, I do like your photo of it :) And, I love your black and white of the rain! Love the composition and the processing!

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