09 July 2012

191/366 electric

I knew thunderstorms were predicted. I saw the clouds building. But my couch was really comfy and I didn't feel like hauling out the tripod. I had every intention of letting this storm go undocumented.

But there was this relentless barrage of lightning, every few seconds, right over our house. It was really high and quiet, above the clouds, but still it was there. 

Bam. Bam. Bam. “Get. Off. The couch. I'm performing for you.” 

Oh fine.

So I turned off all the lights and went outside. I have never liked the dark. So when I took a few long exposures and got nothing but diffused light flashes behind thick cloud cover, I almost packed it in. But then one bolt shot out from the clouds, taunting me. I reframed and tried again and got the above image. 

Done. Perfect. Thank you storm!